Erik Ledin, founder and co-owner of Lean Bodies Consulting, believes a major stumbling block many people encounter-what ultimately holds them back-when dieting is “outside-in” thinking. Outside-in thinking is, essentially, when someone says to themselves “I’ll be happy-and only then-when X happens.”


Now, “X” might be a certain number of pounds lost, achieving a certain size, etc. But Ledin, who-along with his wife and business partner Amy-has helped almost 10,000 people realize their physique goals and personal development potential, feels, that while outcome goals and big deadlines are certainly important, people would be much better served feeling good and being happy DURING the process of achieving the ultimate outcome.

“You don’t have to wait to feel good, empowered, or happy until you reach your ultimate goal”, says Ledin. “You can feel good about the behaviors you are developing each day and getting your daily base hit…that’s inside-out thinking.” Coach Ledin wants people to realize that focusing on, and executing, the process goals…and letting themselves feel good about that…is the key to lasting and maintainable success.

“Committing to a goal-and to yourself-and having done what’s necessary, behavior wise, feels good at the end of the day doesn’t it?”, says Ledin. “So, if that’s the case, even if the outcome goal is still a little ways up the hill, why not do that again tomorrow and feel good again?”

When it comes to losing fat and getting fit, it just can never happen fast enough for most. Impatience sets in. But any lasting physical transformation has to have a corresponding mental transformation to carry it. You have to feel good from the inside-out, develop the behaviors and feel good knowing you are on the road to sustainable success!