Personal training is a great tool for those who can afford it and for those whose schedules will allow them to always meet when a trainer is available. For the rest of us for whom long-term personal Erik Ledintraining may not be in the cards, the folks over at Greatist have outlined some ways to make the most out of just one personal training session. Often gyms will provide new members with one or more free personal training sessions as a way of promoting your trainers. Here are just a few ways to turn such promotions to your body’s advantage.

Know Your Goals

Before meeting with a trainer be sure to know what you are looking for in your training regimen. Are you looking to lose weight? Build endurance? Just looking for a program that you can stick with? Whatever your goal, you want to have a clear idea of what it is so that you can articulate to your training what you looking for in your session.

Pick the Right Trainer

If you just ask for a personal training session, the gym will usually just pair you with a trainer whose availability fits your schedule. That is not the ideal way of beginning a training program. Do your research by reading trainer biographies and be sure to ask questions. You want to work with someone who is going to understand your goals and has a track record of helping people looking for the same results as you.

Ask Questions

Once you’ve chosen your trainer and are getting down to the business of working out, don’t be afraid to have your voice heard. Any questions that you have about machines or proper form should be a pleasure for your trainer to answer. So don’t be shy, particularly if you are not buying a training package because you will only have the one opportunity to have the question answered.

Take Notes

Your trainer is there to teach you something and you are there to learn. Do everything you can to commit what your trainer says to memory and that means taking notes. It worked in school and it works in the gym.

Check out the source article on Greatist for more tips.