Erik Ledin, an entrepreneur and a personal development coach who uses fitness and nutrition as a vehicle to impart change in others, can’t tell you how many times he’s heard the following from his clients regarding the pictures they must submit of themselves as part of his introspective coaching program at Lean Bodies Consulting LLC (and maybe you can personally relate too):


“I can hardly look at them.”

“They are worse than I thought.”

“I deleted all of these the second after I submitted them.”

“This is the mindset we try to change”, says Ledin. “What I try to impart in my clients regarding their pictures is that these are simply pit stops along the way to the best version of themselves. They are simply snapshots of a place they’ve just left.”

Instead of being “grossed out” or continuing to feed the self-limiting beliefs of your subconscious brain, Coach Ledin has some advice:

“If you are making daily choices which are congruent with your goals, your compliance to whatever plan you are on is high, you are living your commitment….then you are earning it and are moving in the right direction. You need to start practicing inside-out thinking, and feeling empowered by the path you’ve chosen to walk, staying focused on the few feet in front of you and looking neither back at the old you nor way up ahead…you have to be present in your thinking NOW. There is a reason the windshield is much larger than the rear view mirror.”