erik ledin motivationWhat is motivation? How do you keep it up?

Take a second to think about this. What motivates you? Why are you doing this? The strict dieting, the constant saying no to off plan meals, the rough workouts (Bulgarian Squats, anyone?)…

Obviously, you must be doing all of this for a reason, that reason being that you want to get in better shape, look better, feel better, etc. This reason never changes, so why does motivation occasionally diminish? Is it due to lack of progress? In some cases sure, but look back to when you started this journey. I’m sure you look and feel quite different now, and I’m sure you a lot stronger as well. So it can’t really be due to a lack of progress now can it?

When it comes down to it, motivation can actually be a relatively easy thing to maintain. All you have to do is grab a hold onto WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. And by hold onto, I mean keep it at the front of your brain. Let it drive you. Constantly remind yourself how important your goal is to you, the more often the better.

Here’s a quote that helps me stay motivated when I’m trying to achieve my goals:

“Your level of motivation is basically the habit of positivity and that habit, like all others is created by repetition, in this case, repetition of thought.”

Determination isn’t something you’re born with. It doesn’t matter how successful or unsuccessful you’ve been in the past, how much you’ve stuck to or strayed from your previous goals. Determination is a habit that anyone and everyone can develop. It takes practice and it takes repetition. Push yourself to think every day, and I mean think deeply, about how you used to look and feel, how you look and feel now, and how you want to look and feel in the future. Do this, and there isn’t anything you can’t achieve.