Much of our daily life can be detrimental to our well-being. For many of us, sitting all day, stooped over a computer is just a daily fact of life. But as My Fox Atlanta reports, bad posture can cause everything from muscle and back pain, to headaches.

They talked to Kim Schaper, a certified personal trainer,  who helps clients dealing with these types of problems. According to Schaper, many of her clients in professional positions spend the majority of their day bent in unnatural positions. She shared three exercises that recommends for stretching out and strengthening muscles that support proper posture.

The first of these exercises is meant to help alleviate neck strain. Schaper recommends a strange looking, but very effective move to improve head positioning. Loop a towel around your head and with one hand, pull the two ends together in front of you. Next, simultaneously pull your neck backwards while pulling the towel away from you. Hold for 5-10 seconds and then repeat. Be sure to do this movement gently. If any pain is felt, you are probably pulling too hard.

The second exercise is meant to open tight shoulder muscles. Stand upright, with your back against the wall and your arms up and your sides. With the back of your arms against the wall, lift them straight above you before bringing them back to a right angle while keeping your arms and back against the wall.

While most of us stoop at our upper back and shoulders, the lower back and core are equally important to posture. To strengthen these areas, Schaper recommends lying on your back and tucking your knees upward. Your arms should remain at your sides, and you should lift your trunk up while holding your knees bent. Repeat lift and lowering your back and hips without stopping to rest on the floor.
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